Licensed in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia
(443) 710-7871

Licensed in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia
(443) 710-7871


Your home is a very personal, important and valuable asset to you. It can be an emotional and complicated process to sell, especially in today’s challenging marketplace. Questions and concerns will need to be addressed and the representation and advice you receive can make a remarkable difference in the results. Marketing and advertising, staging, design, remodeling, photography, internet exposure, presentation, pre-market exposure, agent outreach and relationships, open houses, events, pricing, and dozens more nuances all make up the difference between failure and a successful sale.

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The Guides: Any time you embark on a new journey into uncharted waters, it is always best to hire the best guides possible. We will take you from the first decision to sell, all the way to the point you hand the keys to the buyers, with step-by-step detailed guidance along the way. We sell approximately 50 houses per year so there are not many scenarios we haven’t seen and successfully resolved.

Preparing Your Home: We will come to your home and discuss what to do to get your house ready to sell. What to update and what isn’t necessary. We have reliable contractors we can put you in touch with if needed and desired. We use our expertise to help you stage your home to sell for top dollar.

Marketing: We will take top quality photos, create an alluring listing and advertise your house on multiple media platforms, including the Multiple Listing Service, Social Media etc. We put a sign in your yard (you’d be surprised at how much activity that generates) to let your neighbors and folks driving through the neighborhood that your house is available. We will place a lockbox on the house and employ a showing service to ensure your preferences on showings is honored.

Pricing: We have the latest pricing data and tools to assist us in pricing your property. We are familiar with the neighborhood and comparable properties; we will use our experience in this area to adjust pricing based on the subtle differences between your property and comparable neighborhood properties. We will analyze the markets response to your listing and adapt as necessary (pricing, showing, condition, open house feedback etc.) Pricing and presentation are the two critical elements in a successful sale.

Fielding an Offer: Once you received an offer, we will evaluate it and advise you as to a recommended course of action. We will contact the lending officer and give you our opinion as to the strength of the buyers’ loan application.

Negotiations: The Truth of the matter is we negotiate for a living; this means we will help get you top dollar! We can distinguish between reasonable buyers who are serious about purchasing your property and those who are not so serious. In consultation with you, we will negotiate any offers until everyone has agreed to all the terms and you are under contract.

Legal: We have the skills and experience to comfortably navigate you through the legal requirements of selling your property. We can recognize unreasonable contingencies, explain your disclosure requirements as well as agency relationships. Our experience means that there are no uncrossed “T’s” or un-dotted “I’s”. The purpose of which is to ensure that you’re as protected as possible from potential conflicts with buyers down the road.

Home Inspection and Appraisal: We negotiate with the buyers’ agent if needed until both sides agree to what repairs or additional compensation might be needed to secure agreement from all parties. We will also negotiate any shortfalls in value or seller required repairs that are cited in the appraisal.

Title Work: We will track the title work to ensure that there are no legal barriers to transferring a clean title from you to the buyers.

Settlement Day: This is the end game. We gather at the title office (or arrange for you to sign early if your schedule dictates), and exchange money for keys… and you have successfully sold your house!

We will be with you for every step of this process and ensure that all goes smoothly.

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Licensed in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia
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